Customer brief: To discuss heating for seating area & come up with a proposal for the Eticket area.

Effective space heating for public areas

Eurostar occupy a unit of 670 sq. ft. used for e-ticket and disabled seating. The unit is completely open to one side and close to one of the main entrances of St. Pancras.
The unit currently has no heating and can be as cold inside as it is outside. Their other heating option was installing curtain heaters which would be warm if standing underneath however they are costly to run using 3 KW per heater.


• Far Infrared ceiling-mounted heating panels were recommended for both areas.
• Total area would use 5.4 kW of infrared heating in comparison to curtain heaters which would require 12 kW, if a minimum of 4 was used.
• A complete installation service, using our staff and approved electrician, was used and was completed over 2 nights.

 Proposal approved for both areas that previously had no heating and were exposed to outdoor elements
 Panels ceiling mounted; out of reach of public and allows heat to radiate down on people
 Efficiency managed through thermostats.

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