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Club de tir

Customer brief: To heat an ‘impossible to heat’ area and resolve the damp problems to bring back members.

‘Impossible to heat’ heating solutions.

There is a rifle club under the south pontoon of London Bridge. During extensive refurbishments both the Marylebone Rifle & Pistol Club and the Stock Exchange Rifle Club took the opportunity to review their heating situation.
They had a considerable damp issue from being so close to the river which meant the ranges were cold and members were leaving.


• Far Infrared panel and round ceiling-mounted heaters were installed.
• Other traditional heating systems would simply heat the air, dissipating down the entire range. This would result in huge wasted expense and would be detrimental to the equipment and ammunition.


  • The cold & damp issues have been resolved
  • The actual fabric of the building is no longer cold; previously created perfect conditions for condensation
  • Staff & members enjoy a constant, comfortable temperature
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Cost efficiency greatly improved.


Des solutions de chauffage pour les zones de réception et Halls: élégantes et efficaces

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